Conservative Treehouse Continues in the Hillbuzz dot Org Tradition of Lying and Conjecture

According to the Conservative Treehouse, Travyon Martin
“Was shot and killed during a violent confrontation he initiated during another ten day school suspension, while unsupervised by either absenteee parent or guardian, and left alone (no adults) for the weekend”.

Trayvon Martin was indeed killed during a violent confrontation.
Why anyone at the Treehouse would know for sure what happened is certainly curious, as I don’t believe any of them were present.
What is important to this case, according to these folks, is what Trayvon Martin did in school, how many girlfriends his father had, that he liked rap and hip hop, what type of “iced tea” he had purchased at the store shortly before his death, and other things cited by the owners of the blog that would seem to have little to do with what happened that evening.
The Conservative Treehouse resolutely states that Trayvon Martin initiated this “violent confrontation” that led to his death, though he was younger, lighter, and unarmed.
They have twisted themselves inside out speculating on what he was buying at the convenience store, what his relationship with his father was, what he might have spray painted on a locker in his high school, and that he had what might have been “burglary tools” and “stolen jewelry”, which turned out to be a screwdriver and items that had no relation to the jewelry that was stolen.
George Zimmerman, in contrast, has had conflicts with the law.

On one occasion, he was arrested for assaulting a Liquor Comission Officer, the judge sentencing Mr. Zimmerman to “diversion” for the crime.
The police had also responded to two domestic complaints against Mr. Zimmerman, but no charges were filed.
He was also fond of calling the police when he spotted “suspicous” black youths in neighborhoods not always his own.
He was known to have taken two prescription drugs that are known to cause personality changes, admittedly in a small number of cases.
Trayvon Martin had never been arrested, was not armed, was not a regular drug user, either illicit or prescription, and it has never been proven that he assaulted a bus driver, as has been inferred by this and other right wing sites.
The Treehouse detective work, though disturbingly obsessive, is incorrect. It does not prove or even suggest as to what happened that night.
Nobody knows what happened in those few minutes. Whether this will be revealed in a trial remains to be seen.

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Hope you didn’t come here thinking this was the other hillbuzz site.

The person who runs is a mean, borderline sociopath.

He accused a woman, falsely, here in New Hampshire, of threatening to attack him with a hypodermic needle.

He also stated that he was considering suicide because of her “evil” threats.

He also encouraged his sheep-like followers to post this woman’s personal information, including her minor childrens names.

Her address, her phone number. Her email, her business name, her ebay moniker.

Complaints have been filed against him with the Attorney General in several states.

He does this because he a) likes attention, and b) perhaps more importantly, people send him money for  “political action” purposes.

The only “political actions” he performs are composing long, self-pitying tomes designed to evoke pity, fear, and anger, which in turn generate more “donations”.

He lost most of his following a couple of Thanksgivings ago when he seemed to have some sort of meltdown, stating over and over again that his followers needed to volunteer for the USO, and insulting a veteran’s wife, among others, several of whom had sent him hundreds of dollars in “donations”.

This was so confusing to most people that they adamently stated that someone, probably the woman from New Hampshire, or some sort of government agency, had “hacked” the site.

No, Kevin Dujan was totally responsible for insulting his followers and lying about himself.

But go ahead and give him money, if you want.

Oh, perhaps Kevin is aware that posting someone’s name and other info on a blog, with the express purpose of embarrassing or harrassing them, is against the law?

Not sure what the statute of limitations would be, here.

Perhaps we will find out.

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Political Analysis, Action and Adventure, on Hillbuzz! Why Hello There, Kevin Dujan!

Kevin, you have won.


Your personal rights, along with those of your friends, as members of the LGBT community, have been strengthened.
We shouldn’t have to hear about the DOMA, ever again.
Health care is also seen as a right, and could even be extended to people who haven’t been paying money to insurance companies their entire lives.
You don’t have to look at the person in the White House and realize that they hate you and your “lifestyle”.
So you have won, realize it.
I am sure you will continue to siphon money from the usual motley array of unsuspecting dupes.

Like any “con”, a few of them will drop off, after realizing that you do nothing in the way of “political action” besides write these posts, but you will also gain a few along the way.

What more could you ask for?

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Has Kevin Dujan, of Hillbuzz, Joined The Taliban?

Well, this is what we were wondering for a while, during KD’s unexplained and lengthy absence.
Mr. Dujan once wondered, aloud, if Susan Traversy, of my own home state, had “joined the Taliban”, as he claimed she was threatening to attack Mr. Dujan with an Aids-infected hypodermic needle, a tactic rumored to have been considered by the Taliban at one point.
Mr. Dujan, though not a con artist of the first rank,  did indeed perpetrate a fairly successful scam on most likely dozens, if not hundreds, of followers.
You see, he would write long, self-pitying and self-indulgent tomes attacking the character of Ms. Traversy,  the content of which will be found described on this blog.
Well, you might ask about this, what was his motive, in claiming that this, and other individuals, had sent death threats his way?
Money, of course. Though it took a while, most of his “followers” took him for the dishonest scam artist that he is, and decamped elsewhere, where they could rant about the “Half Breed President”, Kenya, Birth Certificates, “Moochelle”, and the “Muslim Conspiracy”, at their leisure, without being subject to Mr. Dujan and his inner circle haranguing them for not volunteering for the PTA (or was it the USO? The PTO?).

Also uncomfortable for the Hillbuzz “regulars” was the harrassment from a certain poster, unnamed for now (but I have to say he/she is from a very far away place known colloquially as “Down Under”) who used to rally to Mr. Dujan’s side and accuse these regulars of  “hacking” into Hillbuzz (not this Hillbuzz! This is, thought I’d clear that up)  “upsetting” Mr. Dujan, and  being “trolls”, or “eeyores”.
Come to think of it, Mr. Dujan and his former and present Hillbuzzards seemed to have, besides an inabilty to keep food and drink inside their mouths while reading the blog, a propensity for using mythological characters (Zeus) and inhabitants of fairly tales to make their points.
Perhaps they thought that this made them sound educated, and sort of literary.
Though certain of his pages are now missing from the (not this Hillbuzz, this is, silly!) archives, they have been downloaded and saved by certain persons known to this blog.
And yes, most of Aussie’s posts, including the ones where she suggests that violence be visited on certain persons, are saved.
Also saved for posterity’s, or someone’s, sake, are the posts calling for violent overthrow of the US government, the pic of some sort of a large primate, next to one of Michelle Obama. Of course, the libelous posts, where he sets up his “followers” and leads them like pigs in a truffle forest, getting them, and not him, to post her name, address, phone number, ebay name, and business name, are all saved.

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This site,, was started by former followers of Kevin Dujan and Hillubz (not this site, silly, it’s hillbuzz dot org!) who is referred to as “KD” in the text.
They were duped out of money and cyber-harrassed by Kevin Dujan, who they suspected, at first, was actually a liberal trying to disrupt the conservative message.
Kevin Dujan was found out for the con man he is after he insulted and harrassed most of them over a period of several months.

He remains totally discredited by most of his former followers, though at times his posts will attract perhaps 20-25 comments.

I can only surmise that he is writing these comments himself, or these people have as many problems as he has exhibited.

Here’s a link describing what happened, and how Dujan came to be totally discredited by his former followers:

You can also read about Dujan on sites such as

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Crazy statements from a narcissist: Democratic Underground and Daily Kos care what Kevin Dujan posts. 

The only people who care what Kevin Dujan posts are his twelve remaining followers. The other, former Buzzers look in occasionally out of morbid curiousity. The (usual disclaimer: not this one, silly!) site is not allowed to be linked from the honeytrail site. Yikes.

Again, we are in awe of the hatred that emanates from Kevin Dujan. Occasionally this is mixed with pity. Ok, sometimes we have fun pointing out what a dufus he is, but we are only human, after all, and we can’t seem to help ourselves.

Crazy statement #2, well, just check out the treatise on Climate Science, brought you to by Kevin Dujan and Mutual of Omaha, (paging Marlin Perkins!) in today’s post.

I am happy to hear that Kevin Dujan knows more than 52,692 scientists around the world concerning Climate Change.

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The patriarch, Fred Phelps, is a totalitarian dictator inside his own family, keeping total control over who it’s members can date, marry, what schools they go to, what they study in school, what they say to the press. This extends even to the young adult members. This would seem to suggest that they are social conservatives. They despise homosexuals, and do not approve of premarital sex or divorce. Though this description seems to describe a right wing extremist, Kevin Dujan presents this as typical of the Democratic philosophy. 

 The Phelps family does not present themselves as working on the behalf of Democratic ideals, or for the Democratic Party or any candidate, and they seem to “protest”anyone for any reason they wish, without regard to political affiliation, as evidenced by their presence  today at Elizabeth Edwards funeral.

Kevin Dujan explains this discrepancy as best he can, by claiming that gee, they are lunatics, and who knows! His readers, all 6 of them, are likely to brush this aside, but if you read hillbuzz (the other hillbuzz, silly!) using any fraction of your critical thinking skills, a pattern will emerge.

Kevin Dujan likes to make up totally false stories, embellish true ones, and blurs the line between the two quite often.  It’s  “Obama is a member of a gay bathhouse” one day, “there is a troll in NH who has been sending me death threats for years” another day, someone has called the “Boyz”  – insert homosexual slur here” – another day. His readers seem content with the evasive vague answers he gives. And why has Dujan never reported this troll to the police, or even blocked her ISP? Well, he never really does answer that, but he has called her neighbours, who spoke freely about her “looniness”, and gave him “helpful” info about her, i.e., she believes the vegetation in her yard speaks to her, and she has some odd habits in restaurants.  Why hasn’t anyone ever come forward with evidence of Obama’s homosexuality, or even hinted at it? The media is controlled by Alinskyites! The Internet is controlled by The White House, who are Alinskyites! Who is controlled by George Soros, a Jew, and used his power over the “MSM” to elect Obama, who is going to bring Sharia law to the US, and install himself as the Grand Caliph over the United Sultanism of America! AND you’re going to wake up one morning and the Internet will be gone!

Dujan, who was a Democrat for “decades” himself, brings up his other tired memes to try and dovetail with this narrative: Dems hate gays, have betrayed Jews and hate Israel. I imagine this must include George Soros, who is Jewish and a Democrat, Dujan hoping nobody notices the contradiction, and if they do, they remain in the spam filter.

If Dujan wants to harp about the Phelps family being Democrats, I will offer this quote from Timothy McVeigh, who had this to say to a reporter:

The government is afraid of the guns people have because they have to have control of the people at all times. Once you take away the guns, you can do anything to the people. You give them an inch and they take a mile. I believe we are slowly turning into a socialist government. The government is continually growing bigger and more powerful and the people need to prepare to defend themselves against government control.

Timothy McVeigh was a Republican.

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