It seems there has been some question lately, oh, are you looking for the Hillbuzz site run by sub-human Kevin Dujan? This isn’t it.
Continuing on, it seems as if there has been some question about “racism” over at that “other” Hillbuzz site. I am of the opinion that this post, of April 23rd, 2010, does much to clear up this question.
The sixth-grade “mean girl” stuff, along with the higher-than-average incidence of projectile vomiting mentioned on the site, is about average for this post (MEECHELLE has a cat-pee dress!MEECHELLE HAS A CAT-PEE DRESS!, OH you guys! I puked my donut all over the computer screen!) but is not the topic under discussion.
Perusing this one entry would seem to indicate that Kevin Dujan and his minions are indeed racists. As most of these people have the awareness of a dining room table, however, you will note some continuing confusion among the bloggers, some believing that the second pic represents Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or is a nude pic of the FLOTUS herself. None of these are seen as having any racist intent.
Strangely enough, a mention of someone’s “roots” brings forth calls of racism, but this discussion seems to further confuse most of the respondees.
The words “sasquatch”, “Bigfoot”, etc. , are considered acceptable phrases to describe an African-American. This is a “snark” site, after all.  These descriptions induce, in at least one blogger, the desired projectile vomiting syndrome that, curiously, runs rampant on this and other right-wing sites.
These people do not consider themselves racists. It is incredible that this group of people, who are always accusing the Left of being “mean”, etc., cannot realize, and actually find amusing, that Kevin Dujan would juxtapose a pic of a primate – Bigfoot – sasquatch – yheti – whatever – next to an African-American person and are puzzled that someone would think this had any racist intent.
Yes, I spell “racist” correctly, as it is a word I take with all seriousness, and I do not like joke spellings, generally speaking.
Going down the line, No. 6 (Mrs. Compton) seems to think that the First Couple is likely to engage in criminal activity, while a reply expresses the belief that they have some sort of communicable disease.
Check out #7, hilarious! That’s 5-6 racist slurs in about 12 column inches, and seems to be a record for this site.
Proof enough for me, though I take no joy in watching my fellow humans proudly display their bigotry.

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