Dujan’s personal, sociopathic obsession with the FLOTUS continues.

Kevin Dujan and his Hillbuzzard losers like to make themselves feel better about their own lowly status, lack of accomplishments, and general insecurity by ganging up and picking on other people, in this case, the First Lady of this country.

Names used to describe Michelle Obama are not permitted on this site for the time being. 

 If Dujan had any legitimate political agenda, he is hiding it. He seems to have something against middle-aged women. He is an oily loser who most likely has very little social life, and has managed, through a modest talent for rhetoric,  to attract a small but rabid group of equally small-minded bigots.

That few of his followers have met him in person can only be seen as a plus for Dujan .

(BTW, how many of you Buzzards met him, or any of the other “Boyz”, at the Beckapalooza, for which he sought donations? For “3 or 4” attendees? Just curious). 

 If “driving the Left nuts” is the only thing he can do, he will do it to the best of his ability, modest as this goal might seem.

This is seen as a lofty goal by his camp followers, even on a par with being a member of the French Resistance, or, incredibly enough, equal to the fight against terrorism the US military is waging right now.

Their delusional, perhaps bi-polar personalities are evident when they can call for the bombing of religious sites, along with the deaths of their fellow countrymen; refer to Michelle Obama, her children (Malia and Sasha, please, not the bovine-related word, at least for the kids, and no, you can’t criticize them) and her mother as a “3 generation welfare family”, then turn around and,  wrapping themselves in the flag, religion, and other false sentimentalities, weep for poor little Kevin, whose narcissism is astonishing. In 5000+ word posts he makes sure everyone knows the sacrifices he has made, money and relationships he has given up, all in the name of “patriotism”, love of country, blahblahblahblah.

Oh, but gosh and golly, he is becoming a “celebrity”!  Rush Limbaugh mentions his name! Michelle Malkin links to the site!

Oh, but the price of fame is dear, fellow Hillbuzzards! His boyfriend dumped him, after a google search, BOO-HOO! He has lost income opportunities (send $$$$), and since there are several of us that nobody has ever seen, send more money.

Perhaps  the boyfriend thought comparing the First Lady to Denis Rodman was not an insightful piece of political commentary, and deduced from this that Dujan was a first class jerk.  

Possibly the boyfriend thought that veiwing a clip of Mrs. Obama hitting her head on an airplane door was not funny enough to warrant anyone losing the contents of their upper digestive system, as happened with some posters.

Perhaps these people enjoy their projectile vomiting as a hobby? Not for me to criticize, in that case, except that the acids might rot your teeth, just sayin’.

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