Hello, Internet newbies! Not sure what Kevin Dujan has a problem with here, nobody is threatening him, nobody wants him to get AIDS, nobody ever said that he would “never leave their state alive”.

This site might be guilty of a little amateur psycho-analyzing as regards Kevin’s mental fitness, but I imagine 8 out of 10 would agree with me: that our little Kevin here has some issues, the most obvious being with middle-aged women. Middle-aged women who do not agree with him, that is.

It’s ok to trade barbs with someone you do not agree with, however, our boy Kevin has been very naughty this past year or so. His most heinous untruths involve someone from my home state, who he regularly refers to as a “troll”.

He claims that this “troll”  threatened to attack him with a “vial of the AIDS virus”, stated that he would “never leave their state alive” if he were to say, campaign here, and used homophoblic language while doing so.

He even insinuated that the threats from this “troll”, along with other abuse from the “Left”, AND Fran Eaton, and some other sources, which are usually unnamed, most likely because they do not exist, even caused him to consider suicide.

If Dujan is having those thoughts, I am truly sorry, but the “nutter” “looney tunez”, and “disturbed middle-aged woman”, who, Kevin jokes, might have “joined the Taliban“,  is a figment of Dujan’s febrile imagination.

The idea that any blogger who disagrees with this racist nutcase must certainly be

 on either the White House payroll (I wish!) or an employee of George Soros’, 

and is engaged in a conspiracy against Kevin Dujan is in the tinfoil-hat category.

Kevin, the martyr card has been played out.

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