I can see where Breitbart would want to partner with Kevin Dujan.

Breitbart’s mendacity is well documented.

Kevin Dujan has stated, falsely, and many times over the past several months, that a woman in my home state has been sending death threats his way.
Kevin Dujan also claims that this person has used homophoblic language in correspondence with him, and stated that they wished that all homosexuals would die of AIDS. 

 Dujan then got his Pavlov’s dogs loyal Buzzards to Google all this person’s private info and post it to the Hillbuzzard site.

Dujan offers some poorly altered emails from this person as the only “proof”  of their threats and homophoblic language, but this is good enough for the suckers readers at Hillbuzz.

Information posted on the net, based on the word of someone most of these people have never met, and which most likely violates Federal and State libel laws, includes her name, address, names of minor family members, phone number, business name, and ebay seller’s name.

Though Dujan keeps whining that his life is being destroyed by people writing nasty things about him, blahblahblah, he never really offers any proof, as these threats are always from sources he can never reveal. 

Kevin Dujan, a grown man, has stated that he is afraid of appearing in public, during the day, in a large crowd, because he feels threatened by this middle-aged woman.

So much for “raw courage”.

There is no evidence of any “threats” against Dujan on the Internet. The bloggers on are generally not enamored of Dujan’s appearance, or his politics, to say the least. Other blogs are also very critical of his politics, but if you can’t stand the heat, as they say, please leave the cooking area.

 Dujan regularly mentions this person’s and her minor children’s name and other info   (proving he is a filthy pig, besides being a jerk)  to remind people that he is a martyr for some “cause”, (send $$$$, there are “trolls” on the site! I am afraid to appear in broad daylight because of trolls! She uses different emails! I posted her name, address, kids names, husband’s names, business names, altered emails to try and make her appear to be a vulgar, illiterate idiot, and she has the audacity to try to hide her identity! Oh, don’t bloggers always want their name and personal info to be private?

What a typical Lefty tactic! Wait a minute, let’s use this shameful, deceitful, clever idea to hide our own identities while we do something sneaky!  Of course, when we rig the system to work for us, it’s admirable,  because the “Democrat” (sp) Party are criminals, so don’t worry,  suckers, hillbuzzards! 

After all, he is willing to lie to the point of commiting libel and slander, as long as he can get away with it, and has the total lack of self-awareness, and the raging narcissism, of a true bully.

Bullies will happily abuse others, but will run screaming to their Mommies (that would be you, Happy Buzzards) if any of their victims fight back.

I can see where Breitbart might think Dujan would be a useful idiot.

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  1. I love you for buying

  2. I’m hoping Limbaugh will give me a shout-out.

    You need a 10,000 word love letter to George Bush, a 5,000 word rant about why blacks are lazy voters and Hillary supporters are all further to the right than him. Then you need it to be picked up by lunatics on other right wing blogs. After that he will pick your blog up.

    Of course as most of his listeners have had their brains extracted, he will probably get the address wrong and send thousands of his listeners here. In which case do what DuJan does, bilk them for money and insult them.

  3. tabouley says:

    I have to say that it would be major fun if thousands of Limbaugh’s listeners visited my site!
    It might happen yet. Accuracy has never been the right-wing’s strong point. The story about the President’s trip to India costing “200 million dollars a day and involving 34 warships” is still making the rounds of right wing sites, including Dujan’s, though it has been debunked by several parties.

    • I know I had someone on my site believing all the crap about the Presidency. She was talking about “all the parties and wasteful spending”

      In their fact free World, what the likes of Beck and on a minor level Dujan says must be true.

      I’m adding you to my blog roll as an anti-hate site.

  4. They are busy blaming Susan T and trying to say that she was the non-Kevin Kevin.

    They are so stupid that they do not even recognise his writing style.

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