Quote from Hillbuzz: (Not this Hillbuzz, silly!)

“The Left, and ACLU, and Democrats, protect Fred Phelps, a Democrat, and his right to aim his ire at the military and gays”.

This is extreme even for Kevin Dujan, who wants people to start dancing, yelling, and making disturbances at airports.

The 1st Amendment, which Dujan on other occasions seems to be in favor of, protects Phelps and his “family”, and their right to protest. The Phelps have been at this for 20 years or so, though Dujan would like people to believe that this situation is the fault of the “government”, i.e., the current government, under President Barack Obama.

As I am sure Dujan knows, but perhaps might have forgotten, the Phelps right to protest has been upheld by several lower courts and is now before the Supreme Court.

President Obama and the Democrats have no power to prevent the Phelps family from protesting.  This right is guaranteed to them by the First Amendment. I am sure you right-wingers also know that these rights are not “granted” to us, and just as they cannot be taken away, they are litterally  “inalienable” rights we receive merely by being Americans.

I am sure Mr. Dujan would correct this mistake if it were pointed out to him.

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