Kevin Dujan has never, ever, been threatened by Susan Traversy or her husband. Neither has Susan Traversy or anyone in her family used homophobic language in any emails to Dujan or posts to Hillbuzz.

These claims by Dujan, that he has received death threats along with threats of sexual assault, provide him a platform from which to generate sympathy and money, and, perhaps most importantly, involve Kevin Dujan in an ongoing drama where the “lunatic left” is continually “persecuting”, “attempting to destroy”,and “harrassing” him. By all accounts, he has been very successful.

In a pattern that seems to have been repeated several times over the years, Dujan lately seems to be showing signs of a mental breakdown. He roams the streets of Chicago, waiting for someone to annoy him so that he can take their picture. Annoying behaviour, in this case, would include speaking “gibberish”, i.e., any language other than English, and denigrating Sarah Palin. If he can deduce that they are most likely making fun of him, or perhaps insulting Sarah Palin while speaking “gibberish”, so much the better.

It was actually painful to see him compare himself to Limbaugh, Beck, and other right-wing famous persons in his Thanksgiving post, and I had almost worked up a smidgeon of sympathy for him.

That is, until I re-read the posts about Ms. Traversy and her “disturbed” family (Can anyone say Addams Family? – KD).

As an example of the curious schizphrenia of many of these posters, Ms. Traversy’s husband’s name was brought up, along with the names of her teenage kids, along with everyone’s name, phone, address, emails, ebay name, and local business name.

Posting all this info was seen as a way to “get back” at liberalism, bring this country back to it’s Constitutional foundations, or perhaps they just felt like snarking at liberals, since there is one in the White House.

But while wringing their hands over the fate of the “poor kids”, G8trmom and other posters were  eagerly scouring the ‘net for any other personal info they could find on Ms. Traversy and her family, even gleefully linking to Ms. Traversy’s father’s obituary.

Yes, the posters on HB, who like to describe themselves as “traditional conservatives”, “religious”, “respectful”, “supporters of the military” and who are contemptuous of the “vulgar left”, went on to snark about the deceased Mr. Traversy and his family, pronouncing them to be alcoholics, mentally ill, and, worst of all, “liberals”. It was also stated that Mr. Traversy was likely a drug dealer.

Ms. Traversy’s father, Raymond Traversy, is a veteran of this country’s Armed Forces, and a better man in his grave than Kevin Dujan.

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  1. Mrs. Polly says:, that’s horrifying and exactly of a piece with the rest of this dreadful man’s actions. You know his pitiless ghouls crawled through my blog and tried to pinpoint my age by my father’s death. Another woman I won’t even mention had her father’s grave site hunted down.

    One of the loyalists who did not take off after the USO debacle finally pulled Dujan’s mask all the way off is Aussie, and it’s easy to see why; she is all over the hunting threads. She was born to be part of a lynch mob. Small wonder she wouldn’t want to associate with people who found some commonality with, and sympathy for, her targets.

  2. tabouley says:

    Yes, Aussie was always rather a strange character. Comparing Mrs. Obama to Eva Braun, and talking about visiting someone with steel-toed boots. She was one of the posters who who so absolutely, positively sure that the HB site had been hacked, and she was absolutely, positively sure it was the “troll from NH” because the posts were just dripping with terrible trollness, and Kevin would never write such horrible things, yada,yada,yada.
    Two days later, they find out it was Kevin who wrote the posts, and decide that they were not that bad after all.
    I remember the posts about your age, your father, and the ones speculating about your apartment, where was it, was it rent controlled, who else lived there, and other curious details.
    I don’t remember someone hunting down a gravesite, though I totally believe the story.
    They are going into the “so where’s the globull (sp) warming that Al Gore (they use an alternate spelling, however) and the liberulls are always warning us about” theme over on HT today, which they seem to abandon during the summertime.

  3. yet another homophobe says:

    He is a nutcase but you spend way too much time thinking about him.

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