The patriarch, Fred Phelps, is a totalitarian dictator inside his own family, keeping total control over who it’s members can date, marry, what schools they go to, what they study in school, what they say to the press. This extends even to the young adult members. This would seem to suggest that they are social conservatives. They despise homosexuals, and do not approve of premarital sex or divorce. Though this description seems to describe a right wing extremist, Kevin Dujan presents this as typical of the Democratic philosophy. 

 The Phelps family does not present themselves as working on the behalf of Democratic ideals, or for the Democratic Party or any candidate, and they seem to “protest”anyone for any reason they wish, without regard to political affiliation, as evidenced by their presence  today at Elizabeth Edwards funeral.

Kevin Dujan explains this discrepancy as best he can, by claiming that gee, they are lunatics, and who knows! His readers, all 6 of them, are likely to brush this aside, but if you read hillbuzz (the other hillbuzz, silly!) using any fraction of your critical thinking skills, a pattern will emerge.

Kevin Dujan likes to make up totally false stories, embellish true ones, and blurs the line between the two quite often.  It’s  “Obama is a member of a gay bathhouse” one day, “there is a troll in NH who has been sending me death threats for years” another day, someone has called the “Boyz”  – insert homosexual slur here” – another day. His readers seem content with the evasive vague answers he gives. And why has Dujan never reported this troll to the police, or even blocked her ISP? Well, he never really does answer that, but he has called her neighbours, who spoke freely about her “looniness”, and gave him “helpful” info about her, i.e., she believes the vegetation in her yard speaks to her, and she has some odd habits in restaurants.  Why hasn’t anyone ever come forward with evidence of Obama’s homosexuality, or even hinted at it? The media is controlled by Alinskyites! The Internet is controlled by The White House, who are Alinskyites! Who is controlled by George Soros, a Jew, and used his power over the “MSM” to elect Obama, who is going to bring Sharia law to the US, and install himself as the Grand Caliph over the United Sultanism of America! AND you’re going to wake up one morning and the Internet will be gone!

Dujan, who was a Democrat for “decades” himself, brings up his other tired memes to try and dovetail with this narrative: Dems hate gays, have betrayed Jews and hate Israel. I imagine this must include George Soros, who is Jewish and a Democrat, Dujan hoping nobody notices the contradiction, and if they do, they remain in the spam filter.

If Dujan wants to harp about the Phelps family being Democrats, I will offer this quote from Timothy McVeigh, who had this to say to a reporter:

The government is afraid of the guns people have because they have to have control of the people at all times. Once you take away the guns, you can do anything to the people. You give them an inch and they take a mile. I believe we are slowly turning into a socialist government. The government is continually growing bigger and more powerful and the people need to prepare to defend themselves against government control.

Timothy McVeigh was a Republican.

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  1. Mrs. Polly says:

    Phelps has a cult, plain and simple. His “Any Lie for Attention” schtick has obviously made an impression on the Duj. Many of the lies Dujan posts are simply for the joy of taunting his target, when they’re not aimed at immediate self-promotion and getting his followers to ante-up.

    Have you seen that Honeytrail is now sporting a big red “DON’T DONATE” button?
    “NO CASH NO CORRUPTION!” it says. Good for them!

    And of course, Tabouley’s Blog and Snarkopolitan, and Bigot Basher, I’m fairly sure, have been donation-free zones all along. : ^ )

    • tabouley says:

      Yes, I have to give them points for that, and for trying to distance themselves in every way, well almost, from Dujan.
      We could always send each other $5.00, like a fruitcake at Christmastime that gets passed around every year. I suppose then we’d have to claim it and everything, nah.

  2. anonymouth says:

    At Log Cabin Republicans, a group that claims to be the nation’s largest org. of Republicans who support gays and lesbians, Al Gore’s Political Ties to Fred Phelps…
    It’s apparent that this is where Hillbuzz snagged the photos he’s used for his blog post. If he’d cited his source, which would mean giving them credit for initially outing Phelps as a Democrat, perhaps it would have lent credibility to the story. Then again, we often choose what to believe what we want to believe and no amount of information, photos or eye witness accounts will change that.

    “Timothy McVeigh was a Republican.”

    So was Martin Luther King, Jr. What’s your point?

    (Actually, McVeigh registered Republican at age 18. By the time he went jihadi on the OKC federal building, he was full fledged militant anti-govt, or what we call an “anarchist”around here.)

    • tabouley says:

      As far as “outing” Phelps as a Democrat, this info is readily available to anyone who reads beyond the first 2 or 3 paragraphs of the WBC’s Wikipedia entry.
      I noticed Dujan and other right wing sites have not reported that Phelps no longer admires Al Gore, and protested at Gore’s father’s funeral.
      To state that Democrats would approve of the Phelps family is atrocious, but I have come to expect this type of sensationalism from Dujan.
      He is willing and eager to incite class warfare using partial truths as well as outright lies.

  3. tabouley says:

    The point is that nomenclature does not matter. The other point is that Dujan, who I am not surprised to hear is “borrowing” photos for his own blog, is trying to make it seem as if the WBC is sanctioned, somehow, by the Dems, and has their implicit permission to work for the Democatic agenda. This agenda is financed by a Jew, George Soros, run according to “Alinsky” precepts, and includes positioning Barack Obama as Muslim head of the Caliphate of the United States.
    Interestingly enough, McVeigh’s quotes are very similar to some of the ramblings coming out of the current Tea Party. OK, I don’t believe that most of them are violent, but the similarities are there.

  4. TabuWho? says:

    Your point that “labels don’t matter” is certainly convenient, as you forget to add that the Unabomber quoted large passages from Al Gore’s “Earth In The Balance” in his manifesto. Of course you wouldn’t want people to infer that eco-whackjobs are terrorists (we also forget the spiked trees and other acts of violenve and vandalism perpetrated by Earth First and documented on that right-wing show, 60 Minutes.)

    As for George Soros, he is a Jew merely because his mother was Jewish. He is not only not religious, but his own website touts his Gypsy (Romany) heritage and ignores the Jewish part. Let’s face it – a Jew who would collaborate with the Nazis during WWII and literally sell out other Jews and the Christians who were helping them would certainly side with Islamofascists if the price were right. Past performance does predict future behavior.

  5. tabouley says:

    Soros is either a Jew or not, please make up your mind. He was never, contrary to what Dujan and others infer, in a concentration camp, and never served as a “capo” or a quisling in a camp.
    The Phelps family are in no way, shape or form, liberals. They prohibit pre-marital sex, they despise gays, and do not believe that gays should be allowed to marry. The father is the absolute despot in the home, and they adhere to a strict interpretation of the Bible. There is nothing “liberal” about these beliefs. Baptists, understandably enough, are upset that that the Phelps family refers to themselves by that name, as they share nothing in common with them, and most Democrats or liberals do not share the same beliefs as the Phelps. I believe you and people like Dujan realize this, but gain pleasure from “making liberal heads explode”, or some such. I am sorry to break this news to you, but you are just succeeding in making yourselves look like simplistic ideologues.
    If you actually think that Al Gore and the Unibomber share the same ideology, or the Phelps famiy are liberals, I am not sure what to say.

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