Crazy statements from a narcissist: Democratic Underground and Daily Kos care what Kevin Dujan posts. 

The only people who care what Kevin Dujan posts are his twelve remaining followers. The other, former Buzzers look in occasionally out of morbid curiousity. The (usual disclaimer: not this one, silly!) site is not allowed to be linked from the honeytrail site. Yikes.

Again, we are in awe of the hatred that emanates from Kevin Dujan. Occasionally this is mixed with pity. Ok, sometimes we have fun pointing out what a dufus he is, but we are only human, after all, and we can’t seem to help ourselves.

Crazy statement #2, well, just check out the treatise on Climate Science, brought you to by Kevin Dujan and Mutual of Omaha, (paging Marlin Perkins!) in today’s post.

I am happy to hear that Kevin Dujan knows more than 52,692 scientists around the world concerning Climate Change.

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  1. sharon says:

    I came across the Dujan site just after the 2008 election, and was stunned to see the frothing hatred emanating from the posters. I posted that this couldn’t possible be an actual Democratic site, because of the extreme right wingnut views. My post was immediately removed b/c apparently Dujan, and his nutcases can’t stand to see points of view that differ from his own. It was pathetic to check in from time to time, and in particular during Dujan’s prolonged absence, in order to care for his supposed dear friend, who was supposedly dying of AIDS. I suspected his absence had more to do with a trip to a rehab, where he wasn’t allowed access to a computer, or perhaps jail. His faithful following of the hateful, and unaccomplished, began to wonder if they had been taken for a ride, and wondered if he had absconded with the money they were sending his way. Which makes me wonder, just how much money he will continue asking for until he has enough money for his own website. How much can it cost? In any event, this person, and his band of haters, wouldn’t have anything to live for, if not for hate. Without hate, their hearts wouldn’ t beat. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself about these sorry, individuals.

    • tabouley says:

      Sharon – Yes, you have gotten to the (rotten) core of these people, they hate themselves and just about everyone else, and Dujan gives them a reason and a forum to vent.
      Thanks for the comment, please feel free to write again if you like.

  2. TabuWho? says:

    I came across this site and was amazed at the incoherent ramblings that emanate from someone claiming to be educated. Your writing reminds me of the sixth grade essays (from students in government schools) I had to evaluate for several years; it lacks focus and makes unsubstantiated claims. For example, both you and Sharon talk about all the “hate” you see at, but don’t cite one example. Is it because you can’t really find any hate, only disagreement with everything Obama and the left is doing? I’ve gone over your other posts, and they are similar. You repeatedly claim that everyone else is lying, yet never come up with evidence to support your point of view or refute those of the other side. So any reader with half a brain would ask who is rearlly lying here?

    You are a prime example of a typical leftist, who is driven by emotion and animal instinct rather than logic. Any disagreement has to be met with gnashing of teeth and foaming at the mouth, not reasoned arguments. I seem to remember when Hillary Clinton said that disagreement with the administration is a form of patriotism. Of course, she disagreed with G W Bush, so that makes it okay.

    Your headline asks, “How does Kevin Dujan know so much about crassness?” The obvious answer is that he hung around with leftists and democrats most of his life.

  3. tabouley says:

    Thanks for the post!
    First of all, Obama is not a “leftist”. He is a friend of big business, Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies, the military-industrial complex, etc. All these entities are enjoying record profits this year, a fact which seems to go unnoticed by you and your fellow ideologues.
    Please point out to me how he is inconveniencing anyone from these sectors.
    Secondly, yes, I do have a personal grudge against Kevin Dujan, for reasons I consider adequate.
    My writing is, perhaps, not up to your standards, but that does not make your point any more valid.
    I could send you some links showing the absolute hatred and racism that emanates from Kevin Dujan, if you would like.
    He has scaled this back lately since he lost most of his former followers, after bilking them of money, and, worst of all, violating their trust.
    I don’t see where my writing is particularly crass, for that, please see someone like Rush Limbaugh, and his comments about Chelsea Clinton, Michael J. Fox, Haiti, and others.

  4. It’s now March and still no new website or update on the money collected from the gullible idiots. These people are pure idiots. No wonder they support Bible Spice.

    • tabouley says:

      No. I think Dujan has had his day, actually. He drove away most of his supporters, and doesn’t seem to have picked up a significant number of new ones.
      And yes, they don’t seem too bright, considering all the things they believe without even checking, and merrily post on my FB page: The Jumbotron controversy in Tucson (someone had to make sure that Obama got applause!), the czar story (czars are making rules for Americans, and they are unelected!) Michelle Obama (she’s trying to tell us we can’t eat dessert!)
      Dumbo Michelle Bachmann was in town today, gleefully exclaiming that New Hampshire contains a place called “Lexington” where they fired “the shot heard round the world”, so what does that tell you?

  5. Blaagh

    Palin quit before she even started.

    My message to Hillbuzz and C4P (a bit adult)

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