This site,, was started by former followers of Kevin Dujan and Hillubz (not this site, silly, it’s hillbuzz dot org!) who is referred to as “KD” in the text.
They were duped out of money and cyber-harrassed by Kevin Dujan, who they suspected, at first, was actually a liberal trying to disrupt the conservative message.
Kevin Dujan was found out for the con man he is after he insulted and harrassed most of them over a period of several months.

He remains totally discredited by most of his former followers, though at times his posts will attract perhaps 20-25 comments.

I can only surmise that he is writing these comments himself, or these people have as many problems as he has exhibited.

Here’s a link describing what happened, and how Dujan came to be totally discredited by his former followers:

You can also read about Dujan on sites such as

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