Has Kevin Dujan, of Hillbuzz, Joined The Taliban?

Well, this is what we were wondering for a while, during KD’s unexplained and lengthy absence.
Mr. Dujan once wondered, aloud, if Susan Traversy, of my own home state, had “joined the Taliban”, as he claimed she was threatening to attack Mr. Dujan with an Aids-infected hypodermic needle, a tactic rumored to have been considered by the Taliban at one point.
Mr. Dujan, though not a con artist of the first rank,  did indeed perpetrate a fairly successful scam on most likely dozens, if not hundreds, of followers.
You see, he would write long, self-pitying and self-indulgent tomes attacking the character of Ms. Traversy,  the content of which will be found described on this blog.
Well, you might ask about this, what was his motive, in claiming that this, and other individuals, had sent death threats his way?
Money, of course. Though it took a while, most of his “followers” took him for the dishonest scam artist that he is, and decamped elsewhere, where they could rant about the “Half Breed President”, Kenya, Birth Certificates, “Moochelle”, and the “Muslim Conspiracy”, at their leisure, without being subject to Mr. Dujan and his inner circle haranguing them for not volunteering for the PTA (or was it the USO? The PTO?).

Also uncomfortable for the Hillbuzz “regulars” was the harrassment from a certain poster, unnamed for now (but I have to say he/she is from a very far away place known colloquially as “Down Under”) who used to rally to Mr. Dujan’s side and accuse these regulars of  “hacking” into Hillbuzz (not this Hillbuzz! This is hillbuzz.net, thought I’d clear that up)  “upsetting” Mr. Dujan, and  being “trolls”, or “eeyores”.
Come to think of it, Mr. Dujan and his former and present Hillbuzzards seemed to have, besides an inabilty to keep food and drink inside their mouths while reading the blog, a propensity for using mythological characters (Zeus) and inhabitants of fairly tales to make their points.
Perhaps they thought that this made them sound educated, and sort of literary.
Though certain of his pages are now missing from the Hillbuzz.org (not this Hillbuzz, this is Hillbuzz.net, silly!) archives, they have been downloaded and saved by certain persons known to this blog.
And yes, most of Aussie’s posts, including the ones where she suggests that violence be visited on certain persons, are saved.
Also saved for posterity’s, or someone’s, sake, are the posts calling for violent overthrow of the US government, the pic of some sort of a large primate, next to one of Michelle Obama. Of course, the libelous posts, where he sets up his “followers” and leads them like pigs in a truffle forest, getting them, and not him, to post her name, address, phone number, ebay name, and business name, are all saved.

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