Hope you didn’t come here thinking this was the other hillbuzz site.

The person who runs is a mean, borderline sociopath.

He accused a woman, falsely, here in New Hampshire, of threatening to attack him with a hypodermic needle.

He also stated that he was considering suicide because of her “evil” threats.

He also encouraged his sheep-like followers to post this woman’s personal information, including her minor childrens names.

Her address, her phone number. Her email, her business name, her ebay moniker.

Complaints have been filed against him with the Attorney General in several states.

He does this because he a) likes attention, and b) perhaps more importantly, people send him money for  “political action” purposes.

The only “political actions” he performs are composing long, self-pitying tomes designed to evoke pity, fear, and anger, which in turn generate more “donations”.

He lost most of his following a couple of Thanksgivings ago when he seemed to have some sort of meltdown, stating over and over again that his followers needed to volunteer for the USO, and insulting a veteran’s wife, among others, several of whom had sent him hundreds of dollars in “donations”.

This was so confusing to most people that they adamently stated that someone, probably the woman from New Hampshire, or some sort of government agency, had “hacked” the site.

No, Kevin Dujan was totally responsible for insulting his followers and lying about himself.

But go ahead and give him money, if you want.

Oh, perhaps Kevin is aware that posting someone’s name and other info on a blog, with the express purpose of embarrassing or harrassing them, is against the law?

Not sure what the statute of limitations would be, here.

Perhaps we will find out.

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  1. Abupundit says:

    Off topic: Do you know is hillbuzz dot org offline? I can’t access it. Maybe I’m blocked, Anyway I’m looking for contributors and guest posters if anyone may be interested.

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