Conservative Treehouse Continues in the Hillbuzz dot Org Tradition of Lying and Conjecture

According to the Conservative Treehouse, Travyon Martin
“Was shot and killed during a violent confrontation he initiated during another ten day school suspension, while unsupervised by either absenteee parent or guardian, and left alone (no adults) for the weekend”.

Trayvon Martin was indeed killed during a violent confrontation.
Why anyone at the Treehouse would know for sure what happened is certainly curious, as I don’t believe any of them were present.
What is important to this case, according to these folks, is what Trayvon Martin did in school, how many girlfriends his father had, that he liked rap and hip hop, what type of “iced tea” he had purchased at the store shortly before his death, and other things cited by the owners of the blog that would seem to have little to do with what happened that evening.
The Conservative Treehouse resolutely states that Trayvon Martin initiated this “violent confrontation” that led to his death, though he was younger, lighter, and unarmed.
They have twisted themselves inside out speculating on what he was buying at the convenience store, what his relationship with his father was, what he might have spray painted on a locker in his high school, and that he had what might have been “burglary tools” and “stolen jewelry”, which turned out to be a screwdriver and items that had no relation to the jewelry that was stolen.
George Zimmerman, in contrast, has had conflicts with the law.

On one occasion, he was arrested for assaulting a Liquor Comission Officer, the judge sentencing Mr. Zimmerman to “diversion” for the crime.
The police had also responded to two domestic complaints against Mr. Zimmerman, but no charges were filed.
He was also fond of calling the police when he spotted “suspicous” black youths in neighborhoods not always his own.
He was known to have taken two prescription drugs that are known to cause personality changes, admittedly in a small number of cases.
Trayvon Martin had never been arrested, was not armed, was not a regular drug user, either illicit or prescription, and it has never been proven that he assaulted a bus driver, as has been inferred by this and other right wing sites.
The Treehouse detective work, though disturbingly obsessive, is incorrect. It does not prove or even suggest as to what happened that night.
Nobody knows what happened in those few minutes. Whether this will be revealed in a trial remains to be seen.

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2 Responses to Conservative Treehouse Continues in the Hillbuzz dot Org Tradition of Lying and Conjecture

  1. Paz45 says:

    Trayvon had been suspended three times in the months prior to this death, once for being in possession of a burglary tool and women’s jewelry, once for being in possession of a marijuana pipe and a baggie with drug residue, and once for tardiness. His own tweets say that he assaulted the bus driver. THC from marijuana use was found in his blood and urine at autopsy. His brain and liver both showed the beginnings of damage from drug use. He actively followed youtube channels related to making “sizzurp” or “lean”, a highly addictive opiate which uses Arizona watermelon juice cocktail (that he bought that night) and Skittles as common ingredients. He actively followed underground fight channels. None of this tells us who initiated the fight that night, but what it does do is show that the picture of Trayvon painted by the media and by the Martin’s legal team is anything but truthful. Zimmerman claims he was walking back to his truck when Trayvon circled back and jumped him. Zimmerman is the one with the lacerated scalp and broken nose, not Trayvon. And Trayvon’s earbuds and the button on his hoodie (he had been seen on video at 7-11 wearing these) had been taken off and put in his pocket. This to me inidcates that Trayvon knew he was going back for a fight andhe took them off to protect them. The button memorialized a relative of his who died at young age (and who has a long rap sheet). Trayvon didn’t get shot because he was black; he got shot because he was beating the crap out of a man who feared for his life.

    • tabouley says:

      Most of this is conjecture, the autopsy report showed “no abnormalities” present in Trayvon’s liver, for one, please read it more carefully
      Trayvon was defending himself against someone who perhaps did not shoot him because he was black, but stalked him through private property because he was black.

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