This is not the other “Hillbuzz” site. If you were looking for the site run by Kevin Dujan that regularly calls for violence against US citizens, calls blacks, gays, and women “stupid”,  calls blacks “racists”, believes they are responsible for most of the racism in this country, and refers to the FLOTUS by anyone of several names usually used to describe animals, you are in the wrong place.

We also do not: Use quotations around something we have just made up, write long, weepy, self-pitying tomes of at least 5000+ words that are ostensibly about, for instance, the tragedy of young (Kevin, “young” here means people 13-18 years of age) people  committing suicide because of bullying, but are mostly about the writer’s own “journey” towards becoming a self-absorbed, narcissistic  and quite disturbed individual.

Who wants your money, for unspecified purposes.

Oh, we try to use reliable news sources if we are talking about any current events, unlike Beck, Fox News, Hillbuzz (the OTHER one) , Redstate, or most other right-wing sites.

That way we can avoid writing ridiculous things along the lines of “The President’s 400 Bazillion dollar Trip To India, Accompanied by the Naval Fleet, 60000+ attendants,  along with 400+ ladies in waiting to the FLOTUS which will make Cleopatra’s entry into Rome look like the crowd entering the Billerica, Massachusetts drive-in ten minutes before the start of the Double Creature Feature, any summer night in 1964.


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  1. Questionman says:

    Dear Mr. or Mrs. Tabouley.
    Sorry I don’t know which one. Anyway I know it’s late, but i want you to show your readers the obvious blatant racism coming from the hate monger. He posted a story about First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to spain claims she went to spain to compete with some woman who claims to have ownership of the sun. This story was confirmed to be a hate speech towards the First Lady since the story linked from myfoxorlando.com had NOTHING, ZERO, NADA, ZIP, no mention about Mrs. Obama. neither her name or the US was mention in either. Please, let your readers know about this hate-monger since i has to go that website to get this link.


    Thank You.

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