Kevin Dujan has never, ever, been threatened by Susan Traversy or her husband. Neither has Susan Traversy or anyone in her family used homophobic language in any emails to Dujan or posts to Hillbuzz.

These claims by Dujan, that he has received death threats along with threats of sexual assault, provide him a platform from which to generate sympathy and money, and, perhaps most importantly, involve Kevin Dujan in an ongoing drama where the “lunatic left” is continually “persecuting”, “attempting to destroy”,and “harrassing” him. By all accounts, he has been very successful.

In a pattern that seems to have been repeated several times over the years, Dujan lately seems to be showing signs of a mental breakdown. He roams the streets of Chicago, waiting for someone to annoy him so that he can take their picture. Annoying behaviour, in this case, would include speaking “gibberish”, i.e., any language other than English, and denigrating Sarah Palin. If he can deduce that they are most likely making fun of him, or perhaps insulting Sarah Palin while speaking “gibberish”, so much the better.

It was actually painful to see him compare himself to Limbaugh, Beck, and other right-wing famous persons in his Thanksgiving post, and I had almost worked up a smidgeon of sympathy for him.

That is, until I re-read the posts about Ms. Traversy and her “disturbed” family (Can anyone say Addams Family? – KD).

As an example of the curious schizphrenia of many of these posters, Ms. Traversy’s husband’s name was brought up, along with the names of her teenage kids, along with everyone’s name, phone, address, emails, ebay name, and local business name.

Posting all this info was seen as a way to “get back” at liberalism, bring this country back to it’s Constitutional foundations, or perhaps they just felt like snarking at liberals, since there is one in the White House.

But while wringing their hands over the fate of the “poor kids”, G8trmom and other posters were  eagerly scouring the ‘net for any other personal info they could find on Ms. Traversy and her family, even gleefully linking to Ms. Traversy’s father’s obituary.

Yes, the posters on HB, who like to describe themselves as “traditional conservatives”, “religious”, “respectful”, “supporters of the military” and who are contemptuous of the “vulgar left”, went on to snark about the deceased Mr. Traversy and his family, pronouncing them to be alcoholics, mentally ill, and, worst of all, “liberals”. It was also stated that Mr. Traversy was likely a drug dealer.

Ms. Traversy’s father, Raymond Traversy, is a veteran of this country’s Armed Forces, and a better man in his grave than Kevin Dujan.

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Sorry, Kevin! Don’t blame Joe. Your own followers have abandoned you, so yes, you have  been “fired”, but Joe Jervis is not to blame.

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Just wondering, up here in NH, why Dujan is dragging out the “death threat” meme again. Is he trying to work up a few new followers into a frenzy so he can start collecting the cash again?

A note to any newer followers of Kevin Dujan’s Hillbuzz: If you are wondering why there are so few posts on the HB blog, take a look at It’s a very nice blog, and you will see that some long-time HB stalwarts are very disullusioned with Dujan, as he is a compulsive liar and has misled people into sending him money under false pretenses. One poor lady, a long time HB blogger, was accused of being this same “Troll from NH” (death threats! letters to newspapers! Talks to flowers! No, they talk to her! I’m afraid of her! I’m going to her house! I don’t think she can attack me! I’m afraid of her! No, just send money so I will stop rambling!)  solely because their first names were the same.

Dujan must be looking for some $$$$ to pay for all the chargebacks I imagine he is starting to receive from Paypal, plus Visa and Mastercard.

 Seeing how hurt and angry his former Buzzers are (and, though this is a liberal blog, we do not take any satisfaction from this situation. We have to admit that we are happy to realize that fewer people are sending Dujan money) I would think he has lots more to worry about than non-existent threats from someone in NH.

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Quote from Hillbuzz: (Not this Hillbuzz, silly!)

“The Left, and ACLU, and Democrats, protect Fred Phelps, a Democrat, and his right to aim his ire at the military and gays”.

This is extreme even for Kevin Dujan, who wants people to start dancing, yelling, and making disturbances at airports.

The 1st Amendment, which Dujan on other occasions seems to be in favor of, protects Phelps and his “family”, and their right to protest. The Phelps have been at this for 20 years or so, though Dujan would like people to believe that this situation is the fault of the “government”, i.e., the current government, under President Barack Obama.

As I am sure Dujan knows, but perhaps might have forgotten, the Phelps right to protest has been upheld by several lower courts and is now before the Supreme Court.

President Obama and the Democrats have no power to prevent the Phelps family from protesting.  This right is guaranteed to them by the First Amendment. I am sure you right-wingers also know that these rights are not “granted” to us, and just as they cannot be taken away, they are litterally  “inalienable” rights we receive merely by being Americans.

I am sure Mr. Dujan would correct this mistake if it were pointed out to him.

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Classless pigs over on Hillbuzz (not to be confused with this site), can’t let a day go by without getting out the trailer-trash talk. Absolutely jumping up and down with excitement, Carolyn, The War Planner, Aussie, Esther, and moarkdave, among others, react to Dujan’s tossing of rancid fish down their gullets by leaping out of the murky waters where they dwell and yapping barely intelligible words and phrases to describe the First Lady on the order of  “classless b***ch”, “nasty, arrogant, racist”, and, this, from rikc, she of the tasteful photo of a woman being stabbed in the shower: “a classless, clueless gutter snipe”.

That’s possibly more than you can say, my dear. Aren’t we special!

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Who else could wrong a long, sloppy, prose poem to himself discussing his martydom and impending elevation to sainthood, receive accolades about it, then discuss, in the most vile and vulgar terms, the First Lady’s appearance in Indonesia? 

Sexist, racist pig Kevin Dujan, who else?

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I see you are pointing to Susan Traversy as having “hacked” your boyfriend’s website.

You only need congratulate yourselves in this matter. You are doing a bang-up job, all on your own, of causing ill feelings, chaos, and dissension.

It appears as if Dujan is trying to cull the weak-tea followers from the true believers.  A manipulative, domineering person who thrives on controversy, he is playing all of you like a 3 dollar fiddle. (Thanks to Keith Olbermann!)

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